Longarm Service Pricing

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Longarm Service Pricing- 


Looking to hire a longarm quilter to finish your quilt top? Let us quilt your quilt!  Just bring your quilt top to the Quilt to Last or ship it to us. Barb will professionally quilt it with care and precision.  We have batting & backings available for purchase.  You can also send your own backing & Batting & just pay for the Longarm  Service Pricing.  Either way I’d love to help you finish your quilt!  If you send in two tops to be completed, I will take $25 off!



*If you would like me to do your binding, please include 1 yard of fabric *Linear Inches Binding= Yards of Fabric for Binding so I can do this for you.  Binding costs are dependant on whether you choose option 1 or 2. It is charged by the linear inch. If you are purchasing your backing from me and would like the binding to be made from this, please click on the box on the ordering form for this and I will make the binding out of this.


Three Binding Styles

Other Services

Need a quilt already made?  Check out my quilts for sale online in my store-Shop Quilts For Sale! Or how about a popular T-shirt quilt? Check out my other shop and order a T-Shirt Quilt. Please allow 3-4 weeks. http://www.tshirtquilting.com

Longarm Quilting Services-Timelines

I don’t reserve space on my machine quilting schedule.  You don’t get a spot until the quilt is actually in my studio and in my hands.  I will try to accommodate deadlines but need at least 3-4* (four to six during the busy times) weeks lead time, depending on the time of the year (Christmas and graduation are my busy seasons).  Quilts that you want to present for Christmas need to be in my hands by November 10

Batting Services

Battings are a longarm service pricing sold by the linear inch (that way you only pay for what you need).  How to Prep your Quilt for the Longarm Quilting Service- Handy Checklist!

  •  Pellon 80/20 Cotton Blend @ $.24/linear inch
  • 100% Pellon Cotton unbleached @ .$24/linear inch
  •  Please just click on the add your own batting so you aren’t charged for batting.

If you would like to send your own batting that would be fine. * Please be sure that it says it’s for long arm quilting. If you purchase batting from me,  I carry Pellon 100% cotton & Pellon 80/20 cotton blend.   Batting should be 8″ wider & taller than the quilt top- 4″ added to each side.  Example if the quilt measures 40″x50″ make the batting 48″x58″.  (same size as the backing)

Backing Services

Most people provide their own backing, however, if you do not have backing available I can provide backing to compliment your quilt top. I offer 108” wide backing fabric which provide a seamless back with less cost. Cost varies $10.99 to $18.99 a yard. If it needs to be seamed, pressed or squared $20 per hour.  Minimum 1 hour.

Please read the below list regarding backing.  How to Prep your Quilt for the Longarm Quilting Service!

 The backing fabric must be 8″ inches larger than the quilt top in length and width. Very important!

  • The backing fabric should be squared-up and pressed. It may be a wide backing fabric or it may be a pieced backing.
  • Please trim off the edges before seaming your backing. Sides should be straight, and the backing squared. Your backing should have straight edges, with opposite edges parallel. Corners should be right angles.
  • If it is a pieced backing the seams should run horizontally or from left to right across the quilt. All selvages should be removed from the seams of the pieced backing.  As they shrink differently after they are washed and can cause puckers in your finished quilt.  Press the seams open or in one direction. It reduces the risk of puckers on the back of the quilt.  If the backing has multiple seams in both directions I will do my best to avoid any puckers.
  • Wide backings are generally 108″ in width and are available at most local quilt shops. If you do not have access to a local shop, I do offer a basic selection of wide backings (108″ and 110″) in basic colors and prints. The wide backings I offer are Kona 100% quilter cotton by Robert Kaufman,  Also 100% cotton Quilters Candy Mirage by Connecting Threads. Prices vary and range from $10.99 to $18.99 a yard.
  • Bed Sheets shouldn’t be used as backing fabric.  Due to the differences in the weave and manufacture of bed sheets, they are often nightmares for thread tension being consistent throughout the quilt.  Since you’ve spent so much time/money on your quilt top, it makes sense to use quality fabric for the backing.
  • Please do not put borders on the backing. It is not possible to center the top over the backing in both directions. A backing with a center monogram, or with a border,  will be “off” in the final product

Please note*

Hand-guided quilting is not computerized, it is hand guided, resulting in some variance in repetitive patterns. 

Every effort is made to clip and trim threads, but occasionally I miss one, so please check your quilt. Quilt to Last Deposit-Place your Order Now!

Payment Methods Accepted: I will gladly send you an invoice through our system for your records and so that you may pay online by PayPal I also use Stripe so you can use your credit card.

I also accept the following as payment via mail or in person:

Personal or Business checks* Please note if paying by check, quilts will be shipped after the check clears the bank.  Thank you for your understanding with this.  Checks should be made out to Barb McKeever/Quilt to Last


All Major Credit Cards *PayPal *Cash


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