All Quilts in this Photo Gallery finished on this Gammill Long Arm

Welcome to my Photo Gallery!  Please check back often, as I will be adding more quilts to this gallery!  Some of these images of quilts I have done for customers, and some are of quilts I have done for family, friends and to sell in my online store.  If you are interested in purchasing a quilt please check out my quilt Shop-Quilts and Quilt patterns for sale.  Or if you just need to have a quilt finished, I would be happy to finish a quilt for you too! Here is my pricing list. Longarm Service Pricing for Quilt to Last Click here for getting your order form filled out and placing your deposit. Quilt to Last Deposit-Place your Order Now!  If you have questions Contact Us- here & we will answer ASAP!  Please when you order let us know if you are ok with having your quilt displayed on the website and on Social Media.  Also if you could give us a like and share on social media that would be great!  Social media is great word of mouth. Check out the video below to see the Gammill Long arm in action!

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