Signature Thread-Solid Colors

Signature Thread

Variegated Colors

Signature Thread is the best for longarm quilting!

Signature Thread is 100% Cotton. Is wonderful for Long-arm Quilting! It doesn’t break when sewing at high speeds. I tried many types to see what worked best when I first got my Gammill, I found out quickly it makes a big difference. Who would have thought? I have to say I was surprised at what a difference it made, until this point, I thought it was just companies just trying to sell their products, but it really does make a difference. Seeing is believing! I now use this on all of my machines and they all run great! So this is why I will only use this brand. As you can see there are many colors to chose from. Please choose a color, or if you would rather I can choose a color that best matches your quilt to make your quilt top the focal point rather than the quilting.